Monthly Golf Tip

Take a look at these informative and unique golf tips to help improve your game today!

The hinging and unhinging of the wrists is the major speed producer in the golf swing. In fact, a recent study by a sports medicine institute concluded that approximately 75 percent of the clubhead’s speed at impact comes from the unhinging of the wrists on the downswing. Work on allowing your left wrist(for right-handers)to move into a slightly concave or “cupped’ position as you swing. This will produce more speed as the clubhead moves down toward the ball.

One of the more common swing flaws among most players is swaying off the ball on the takeaway. Remember, that the idea or function of the set-up position is to allow for an easy, full range of motion(turn). This motion can be hindered if the shoulders and hips are not set at the same angle. Because the right hand is lower than the left when gripping a club, the right shoulder will be lower than the left. In order to keep the spine in a straight or neutral position to ensure an unrestricted rotation, the hips or belt line must also be tilted proportional to the shoulder angle. Not only will this allow for a more efficient and proper turn, it will also reduce stress and injuries to the back and shoulders.

A strong grip(left hand turned to far to the right)can lead to a myriad of problems in the golf swing. A strong grip often leads to a closed club at impact which leads to turning the hips too soon and dipping the right shoulder to try and save the shot. A neutral grip is the preferred grip. A major cause leading to a strong grip is due to players gripping the club when it is grounded. In bending over to grip the club, the shoulders naturally protract(round out). The rounding of the shoulders causes the forearms and hands to pronate(turn inwards toward the thumb). This pronation of the arms and hands makes it a given that the grip will be strong. To avoid this, grip the club in the air. Grab the club with the right hand with the club head pointing to the sky. Now place your left and on the grip. this approach will ensure a neutral grip.