Carl Rabito demystifies the golf swing by bringing to it a new and unique perspective and approach.

There are many different theories and subsequently much confusion about the proper way to swing a golf club. Contradictions abound because most people don’t understand how the body functions and consequently what is the best and most efficient manner to swing a golf club. With Carl’s knowledge, education, and training in human anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, he is able to explain the golf swing in simple, logical terms.The body is built to function in certain ways – Carl can explain how that relates to the golf swing.  You know the best laser pointer to buy is very hard.

The Rabito Process Involves: 


• Physical ability and limitations
• Exercises for strength/flexibility
• Short-term and long-term goals
• Suitability of golf equipment

• Basic tenets, concepts and theory of the golf swing
• How the body functions in the golf swing
• Specific instructions for your swing
• Understanding the dynamics of the golf swing
• Golf-specific strength and conditioning exercises

• A tailor-made swing for the individual
• A more efficient swing with less effort and reduced risk of injury
• A customized blueprint for ‘‘your’’ swing

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